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Clean laundry remains an essential tool in helping fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We understand that while things are shifting around the country, it does not change your need for updated equipment to continue providing essential service to your communities. In fact, the need to protect your team from harmful carcinogens and virus exposure, and return to service faster has increased. If you need a consult to determine if you need to service current equipment, replace inefficient equipment, or add smaller machines for non-PPE items, and keep your department operating at full-function, we are here to serve.


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Framingham and firelinc answer the call

Firefighters are dying of cancer. We laid out the statistics and the department received a major commitment from the town.

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When you're looking for a partner who can help you protect your crew, look to UniMac. Our PPE drying cabinets, FireLinc system and training help you stay up to date on the ever-changing NFPA 1851 regulation. Read about how the Framingham Fire Department improved its process of keeping gear clean, and firefighters safe, by updating their UniMac machines to include the FireLincâ„¢ system.

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